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 Rogue Raiders Rules And Information

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PostSubject: Rogue Raiders Rules And Information   Tue Apr 15, 2008 4:49 pm

In the form of FAQ, here are the group's rules. They -may- be changed over time with changed circumstances.

What is the Rogue Raiders?

Rogue Raiders(Or RR) is a small group of people who enjoy playing World of Warcraft and have reached the point where they want to progress further but need more people. The group has been created so that we may all have fun in heroics and the raiding content of the game. There are some rules but the main thing we ask of our members is being sensible, polite, respectful and easy-going. RR is not hardcore nor is it too casual. We will ask full focus and dedication when aligned with us, and won’t tolerate troublemakers, greedy people and lazy people. One has to pull their weight around, you know.

At first we will begin with a collection of good people of Alliance on Earthen Ring that we could go to heroics with, people who have the right attitude and goals for progressing further. We want to toss LFG tool and PUGs out the window and goto instances with people we know and can trust to play by the general rules and be sensible all in all.

What kinds of members are there in RR?

1) There is the Trinity, which is basically the organizers, raidleaders and masterlooters when those are needed. Mihael, Correal and Nyaare will both demand things and efforts out of you and be at your service whenever you need something sorted. They will also be deciding on approving/denying people from the group and setting up raids and trying to make them run as smoothly as possible.
2) Members are the people who have passed the trial period and are much harder to kick out… Errr… Members are the flesh of the raidgroup. That’s it. They also have priority when rolling on things when compared to rolls made by the Trialists. (This rule will be enforced in 25men raid instances only)
3) Trial members are people who still need to prove themselves to us. From the moment they get into the group until a member of the Trinity slams a stamp on their forehead with big fat: Accepted to Membership, these people will be invited to raids for evaluation and experience. When rolling for loot, the full members will get priority over the Trials. (This rule will be enforced in 25men raid instances only)
4) Strangers. People we don’t know and depending on the circumstances, may or may not want to get to know. Technically, guests on the forum.

What if I joined with a character but now want to switch to an alt I feel like playing more?

We’re not monsters, of course we won’t make you play something you no longer enjoy. However, you will have to start your trial period again, assuming we have positions for the alt’s class that you are looking to switch to. In short, we can’t guarantee you will receive a place in the raidgroup in such cases.

What about bringing alts to raids?

If there is a dire need of some types of a character, we may ask if anyone has an alt of the specific role that we need for the raid. If there is a character you want to bring instead of your raiding main, you may or may not be allowed to.
In short with added loot points:
If –we- request you take an alt to raid to substitute someone, the alt will have the same loot rules as members.
If you wish to bring an alt instead of a raiding main, the character will have the same loot rights as trial members, aka the priority is on full members. And you may be refused.
For heroics and instances, we don't mind what character you bring.

Do we have the rules of conduct?


… Well?

Raiding is a group effort and as such, we ask all our members to be considerate to others, respectful and friendly. Help out others of the raidgroup, offer your advise when asked and otherwise be a pal.

We have chosen to play on the roleplaying server. That means that all our members must abide by the roleplaying policies set by Blizzard( . Party, raid and raidgroup channels are Out of Character(OOC) but we ask that you remain In Characte(IC) on /say and /yell channels.

In case of offenses there will be warnings and eventually a raidgroup kick issued because we don’t like troublemakers.

When are the raids and how often do I have to attend?

The raids are currently set to Thursdays, 7PM to 11PM and Saturdays, 2PM to 6PM. You will have to sign up to at least one of these days’ raids to stay an active member of the group. The Trinity will try and rotate the people as best as they can for raids should the demand exceed the need for the roles.

Please be at the entrance of the raid instance at the right time with enough reagents, consumables and repaired. We pull the first mob at 7:15PM unless there are complications.

Is there a raid bank?

There will be a guild made to store the raidgroup’s things in. The members of the group are welcome to join the guild with an alt for easy access to the raid bank or join with a guildless main. The access will be limited but fair. For raidgroup members, more info is in this thread
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Rogue Raiders Rules And Information
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