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 Loot rules of Rogue Raiders(10mans)

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PostSubject: Loot rules of Rogue Raiders(10mans)   Tue Apr 15, 2008 3:24 pm

The loot rules:

For 10man raids, our loot rules are simple. The loot threshold will be set to Rare, you pick up your own greens that you get from your lootable mobs. Blues and epic items will be ML-ed by one of the raidleaders.

When an epic item drops, the ML will call out a roll and all who need the item for an upgrade, can roll. The highest roll wins. However, when you have received an item already and roll again if another upgrade drops, the rolls of those who havenít gotten anything, will be regarded higher than yours.


[Cowl of Epic Awesomeness] drops.
Mage rolls 60
Shadowpriest rolls 54.

Mage receives the [Cowl of Awesomeness].

[Ring of Pew Pew] drops.

Mage rolls 87
Boomkin rolls 13
Warlock rolls 75.

Warlock receives the [Ring of Pew Pew].

When something else drops that the Warlock and the Mage will want Ė both having already received an item each Ė and noone else rolls, the highest roll will win.

When you have a problem with it, bring it up with the raidleader or/and Masterlooter. Donít make drama in raid, we need our focus and peaceful and nice atmosphere.

Remember, itís just pixels, there is no need to make trouble and leave a nasty taste to a raid just because you lost a roll or otherwise didnít receive what you wanted. Such behaviour will count against you in deciding who to take to raid and whom not. Ideally, we wonít have those kinds of people at all due to trial periods.
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Loot rules of Rogue Raiders(10mans)
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