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PostSubject: Consumables.   Tue Apr 15, 2008 12:58 pm

As we progress through the raid instances the demand for having all the necessary buffs and consumables becomes all the more important.

Therefore we require for each person that is raiding to have all the necessary pots/elixirs/flasks/weapon oils needed before each raid. The costs of such items is offset by all the dailies available to you and only require some time to do so.

This won't be required Karazhan but will be definitely needed for Zul'Aman and beyond

Failure to turn up repeatadly with said items can end up with you being warned in a pm, afterwards you will be temporary banned from raiding for a set time and after that you will be removed from the raid group.

This is a major benefit to the raid group as a whole and makes the future areas possible.

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