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 DKP and looting in 25man instances

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PostSubject: DKP and looting in 25man instances   Fri Jun 27, 2008 2:02 pm

There will be a dedicated MasterLooter and they will be doing the loot distribution. At the start of looting process the ML announces the loot and if possible, the DKP price of it. After that, everyone is able to roll on it.


In 25man raid instances when distributing loot, the Rogue Raiders will be using the DKP system known as Zero Sum DKP.

Zero-sum means that DKP are distributed based on the value of items that drop. All members in a zero-sum DKP start with a score of 0. When an item is given to a raid member, they have to pay for it in DKP (going negative if necessary). These DKP spent are immediately distributed among all the raid members. Thus the amount of DKP, i.e. the sum of all members in the system, is always zero. The idea here is that inflation is impossible, since no points enter the system from the outside.

Item DKP prices are set and posted on the Information forum for all to see. Who gets the item will be the one who has the most DKP. Rolling will indicate interest in getting the item currently being looted. This is where the difference between being a trial member and a full member becomes obvious as well. The full members will have priority in receiving items despite what DKP they have.

Offspecc items can be purchased for equal amount of gold. Which means whatever the item would be priced in DKP, it will have the same price in gold. Naturally, this all will only be available after all the main spec people have found the item not desirable, have it already or find some other reason to not taking it.

You can earn DKP by being present in boss kills and looting and sometimes just by attending. There are bound to be wipe nights and these will be awarded to everyone who were there. The points earned will be per player so should we have a need for someone to take an alt to the raid(and keep in mind that shouldn't happen a lot), the DKP earned will still goto the main raiding character of that person and the DKP price of loot received will be subtracted from the main's DKP. Alts will have the same priority as trialists.

The raidleaders will reserve the right to step in at some point if we see that the loot distribution and bidding is not to the best interest of us all. This is highly unlikely to happen and will only occur on extreme circumstances.


* Recipes. The priority in receiving epic recipe drops will goto the full members, then to trialists and alts. One should have the skill level required in order to roll for the recipe though. When the craftable item is BoE(Bind on Equip), all classes and specs are free to roll on the recipe. However when the crafted item is BoP(Bind on Pickup), the classes and specs that would benefit from the item the most, will be preferred upon rolling. This will also mean that if a full member offspec person rolls for a recipe that a trial member main spec person rolls on as well, the recipe will goto the main spec, despite being a trial member.

Recipes do not cost DKP.

* Nether Vortex. This can be rolled by anyone who can do something with it - AKA all crafters are welcome to roll if they have an item they can make with it. Since the item is no longer BoP, the rules concerning these are looser.

Item Prices.

Our item prices are made up using the base value of certain slots. For example the base value of hands slot is 30 DKP, then subtracted or added is the level of content we are currently doing. So if the base value of Gauntlets of Martial Perfection off Gruul is 30 DKP, we subtract 5 from it as it is loot from the lowest tier of 25man raid instances and get the real price - 25 DKP.

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DKP and looting in 25man instances
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