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 Addons and You

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PostSubject: Addons and You   Tue Apr 15, 2008 12:22 pm

To ensure the smooth operation of our raidgroup, you are expected to use the following addons:

  • Omen - threat meter. Required for tanks and DPS. Drawing aggro can mean a wipe on certain encounters.
  • oRA2 - raid tracker. Tracks main tanks, their targets, etc. among other things. Required for tanks and healers.
  • BigWigs - boss warnings. Required for certain encounters. You want to keep your repair bill small and NOT blow the raid up, get this.

Alternatives are fine, too (such as KTM instead of Omen or Deadly Boss Mods instead of BigWigs), however these three are easier to install and maintain due to WoWAceUpdater. Run it and update addons with a click before you log in to ensure you are in tip-top state.
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Addons and You
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